Authorities Association

The most important authority of the Carpathian Association is the General Assembly of Members, whose competence includes in particular:
1) passing the directions and program of the Association,
2) the election and dismissal of members of the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee, the Supervisory Board,
3) examining and approving financial statements, the Board, the Audit Committee, the Council,
4) granting discharge to the outgoing Board,
5) passing the Statute and its amendments,
6) adopting a resolution on dissolution of the Association,
7) examining appeals from resolutions of the Board, brought by members of the Association,
8) adoption of the rules of procedure of the General Meeting of Members, the regulations of the board, the regulations of the board, the rules of the audit committee,
9) adopting annual activity reports of the Board, the Council,
1) determining the membership fees,
11) passing LSR,
12) adopting local selection criteria for surgery,


• President - Franciszek Srodaiak
• Treasurer - Adam Latko
• Secretary - Jan Kajdas

The powers of the Management Board include in particular:
1) making any decision not reserved for other authorities,
2) Adoption of new members and supporters of the Association,
3) representing the Association and acting on its behalf,
4) direct the current work of the Association,
5) convening the General Assembly of Members,
6) preparation of the LSR project and adoption of LSR updates, preparation of draft criteria for selection of operations and adoption of update of selection criteria, preparation and adoption of other required documents for the LSR competition, including evaluation and selection procedures,
7) preparation of projects for implementation, which will be covered by the application for co-financing under programs under the European Structural and Investment Funds and other programs of NGOs, public and private, roadcasting and deprivation of honorary membership.


Audit Commission:
Chairman - Urszula Kądzioła
Secretary - Dorota Giermek
Member - Marek Trzaska

The competence of the Audit Commission includes in particular:

1) control the current work of the Association,
2) submitting applications for discharge of the Management Board at the General Meeting of Members,
3) Applying for the convening of a General Assembly of Members,
4) selecting the entity to examine the Association's financial statements in accordance with the accounting regulations,
5) audit of the annual activity reports of the Management Board, the Supervisory Board, in particular the financial statements and the issuing of opinions in this matter,
6) applying to the authorities of the Association with the conclusions of the inspections carried out.

Association Council:
Chairman - Katarzyna Solarska
Deputy Chairman - Witold Grabowski (Mayor of the Tomice Commune)
Secretary - Maria Fila
Member of the Board - Bogusław Antos (Mayor of the Brzeźnica Commune)
Member of the Board - Jerzy Mieszczak (Mayor of the Osiek Commune)
Member of the Board - Grzegorz Gałgan (Mayor of Polanka Wielka Commune)
Member of the Board - Jerzy Adamek (Stanislaw Sakowicz Fisheries Institute of Inland Fisheries Experimental Institute in Zator)
Council Member - Andrzej Kozłowski
Member of the Board - Krzysztof Kuwik
Member of the Board - Marek Foks (Mączka sp. Z o.o.)
Member of the Board - Marek Mostowik
Member of the Board - New Year's Eve Rib (Center of Domestic Breeding in Osiek sp. Z oo.o.)
Member of the Board - Franciszek Fryc (DROG-BUD Construction and Road Building Company) Franciszek Fryc)
Member of the Board - Wojciech Spisak
Member of the Board - Jozef Zemanek

The Council's powers include in particular:
1) selection of operations to be carried out under LSR,
2) giving opinions on LSR project and LSR update prepared by the Management Board,
3) preparation of the Council's regulations,
4) setting the amount of support,
5) giving opinions on the selection criteria for operations developed by the Management Board.

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