This tab contains descriptions of projects planned to be implemented under the Community-led Local Development Strategy 2014-2020 for the Carp Valley area. The projects have been isolated on the basis of an analysis of available data, own research, and public consultations. Projects recorded in LSR meet the following criteria:
- are a key cause of problems diagnosed in the course of consultations,
- point to specific shortages in material, infrastructure and service resources in the context of solving the problems diagnosed,
- they are disconnected (they do not cross or overlap);
- are assigned to no more than one specific purpose.


  • Pobierz Project 1.1.1 Modernization or innovation in fisheries sector entities
  • Pobierz Project 1.1.2 Improve the sales potential of fishermen
  • Pobierz Project 1.2.1 Diversification of economic activity in fishing areas
  • Pobierz Project 1.2.2 Support for economic activity in rural areas
  • Pobierz Project 1.2.3 Improve the potential for processing or distribution of local products
  • Pobierz Project 2.1.1 Create space for joint meetings
  • Pobierz Project 2.1.2 Organize attractive leisure activities
  • Pobierz Project 2.1.3 Social integration of the population through the use of fisheries cultural heritage
  • Pobierz Project 2.2.1 Tourist and recreational infrastructure in fishing areas
  • Pobierz Project 2.2.2 Coherent and visible tourist offer of the Carp Valley
  • Pobierz Project 2.2.3 Preservation of material local heritage
  • Pobierz Project 3.1.1 Protecting the waters and water infrastructure of the Carp Valley against the negative effects of atmospheric phenomena and the activities of animals and humans.
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