Criteria for selecting an operation

The process of setting the criteria occupied a very important place in the process of public consultation. The opinions of residents and local leaders have determined the results of the area diagnosis and SWOT analysis, which in turn translated into a catalog of criteria, which were divided into:

1. LSR compliance criteria - these are the criteria that must be met by each project selected for completion. Belong to them:
- implementation of at least one general objective and one specific objective, raising the value of at least one product index attributed to the project under consideration by at least one unit of measure
- compliance with the Rural Development Program for 2014-2020 or the Fisheries and Sea Operation Program 2014-2020.

2. Elementary criteria - these are the criteria used in all calls, the same for all projects planned in LSR. These include: the preparation of the operation, the area of impact of the operation, the creation of jobs, the work for the disadvantaged group, the connection with the Carpathian Valley, the applicant's own contribution, the duration of the operation, the innovation and commitment to the sustainable development of the Carpathians.

3. Bonus criteria - these are criteria that distinguish individual projects. Their use will select operations of special importance for the LSR. These include: creating jobs for basic fishing activities, limiting seasonality of sales, local branding, using local resources, business partnerships, local labor markets, support for disadvantaged groups, coherent visualization, creating local workplaces, Implementation of the operation, the trails of the Carpathian Valley, monument status, Natura 2000 and collective interest.



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